Marriage according to Australian law is the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life.

Your marriage can only be solemnized after completion of the Notice of Intended Marriage. This is done at your initial interview. Evidence of date and place of birth of both parties and a declaration has been made that there is no legal impediment to the marriage. At this time you should select your poems and readings and advise all of your wedding requirements. You may phone me for further consultation if necessary.

Up to 18 months notice can be given. However, at least 1 months notice must be given.

The Monitum or legal part of the ceremony is included in all of my ceremonies.

Vows are an important part of your Ceremony and you may write your own or use my suggestion.

My Ceremonies usually take about half an hour. I provide you with a printed copy of your Ceremony and with your Wedding Certificate which is specially designed for you.

Photographs are an important part of your Ceremony and I always consider the background whether indoors or outdoors.

The official Wedding Certificates may be ordered through me when I send your paperwork into Births, Deaths and Marriages. This eliminates extra expense and provides a quicker delivery.


There is much happiness to be experienced from the time that we watch the helplessness of a young baby through many stages of its growth. These are the days full of exciting new adventures. As is customary Godparents take a special interest in the ethical, material and moral development of the child, which is a serious responsibility but one that can be most rewarding.

The Celebrant must sight the Birth Certificate prior to the Ceremony taking place. It can be held indoors, outdoors or special venues.

The Ceremony takes about 20 minutes. I commence with an introduction and welcome to family and friends and explain the purpose of the Ceremony and the reason you chose the baby’s name. There are a number of ways you may include family members as part of the Ceremony and allow them to express their love and commitment to your baby.

Two Guardians (Godparents) are required to sign the Name Giving Certificate that I present to the parents. No formal paperwork needs to be lodged with Births Deaths and Marriages.


I was the Celebrant for the 25th Birthday Celebration for the Tuggerah Lakes Branch of the NSW Justices Association Inc.

This function was held on the 18th February 2006 on board the “Lady Kendall 2”. I was honored to be involved in such an historic occasion.

Birthday celebrations can be held in halls, reception centers, outdoors or indoors lust like a wedding.


We are the top Shar-Pei show kennel in NSW. Our Shar-Pei are treated as “our children” and are an important part of our lives. We enjoy being involved in any pet ceremony. They are usually held outdoors or at home.

I will also consider any other special ceremonies.